For yourself, your business, service, or product, a visual image is the first impression. This first impression sets the tone for how easy or difficult it will be to connect with your particular audience. Even the written word can seal your fate. Take control of what your clients see and feel from your presentation. You’ve heard it many times; “You will not get a second chance to make a first impression”.

Originality and creativity determine much of a project’s outcome. Successful results also involve research, budget constraints, and teamwork. Well planned branding is one of the most important tools you can provide to your sales effort. Consider bouncing ideas around with a seasoned, creative director. I, and/or my network of creative people, have what you’ve been looking for; unique ideas and the means to implement them.

Clients have placed their valued trust in my work and decisions since 1979. Yes, my clients seem to prefer working directly with me, the creative director, not a sales person. And I prefer the personalized approach, as well. I would love to be of service when your next creative project is getting ready to “come out of the cage”. Feel free to contact me to discuss possibilities and, perhaps, together we can establish the expedition’s destination.

Donna Harper