As a designer who has developed the image and graphic presentation for dozens of businesses, large and small, I know how to make graphics commercial and how to increase direct mail response through the use of such subtleties as color or purely a unique or surprising concept. I understand delivering the business message, business to business or to the masses. From logo design or product packaging, to the collateral that maximizes the corporate or product identity, I thrive on the demands of commercial creativity, on progressive ideas, and creative marketing opportunities.


With over twenty-five years in the field of entrepreneurial endeavors, I’ve acted as creative director, art director, designer, illustrator, production artist, account executive, producer, office manager, employer, business manager, writer, food stylist, makeup artist, and more. For years, I have successfully become an extension of the client, expressing their objectives and vision through verbiage and graphic communication. Singularly, or with a team, I can meet the challenge of graphic design: blending analysis and objective with art and emotion. Together, we can persuade the consumer. I have clients that have worked with me for more than 25 years. As a matter of fact, much of my business has been through recommendations from my loyal clients and suppliers.


I work with, and sometimes for, many talented people. If my style or capabilities are not what you are looking for, others will be made available. Through my network, I can offer illustration, copywriting, package design and development, photography, web page design, as well as the programming of intelligent intranet sites or software development. I can coordinate all aspects of any creative endeavor. One of the benefits of my association with other “creatives” is that I use only the size team of people needed. Therefore, overhead is kept under close scrutiny.

Blending the demands of customer needs, creativity, budget, deadlines, and strategy is the challenge consistently faced in graphic design and overall marketing communication; these are the “Lions” of “Between the Lions.”

Donna Harper

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