Packages have to speak for themselves on the shelf… With a more unique look or pitch than the competition. Boxes for cookies. Boxes that look like milk cartons. Boxes with peek-a-boo holes. Boxes that look like bags. I really love the possibilities of boxes and prefer to create packaging that looks warm and inviting.


My designs encourage the potential buyer to pick up my packages in order to take a close look. If a package makes the consumer pick it up, it’s more likely to be purchased. Memorable, colorful, friendly, fun, or as an appeal to an emotion, my box designs usually cause the customer to stop and respond.


In most box designs, people want to know what they are buying, especially in the case of food products – one of my favorite things to package. Cut outs or “windows” allow the buyer to take a look. As with most design projects, there are often unyielding budget restraints.


This might bring us to a standard box that already has a die-cut — to save on cost. Another possibility is to show a photo or illustration of the product on the box. Let’s talk about whether or not a box should be a consideration in your package design