sugar cane cola bottle carrier

Being a graphic designer, centrally located in Kansas City, Missouri, I feel that I offer more affordable pricing for design and printing than found on the East or West Coasts. You are certainly welcome to compare. Many 4-pack carrier and 6-pack carrier requests have come from various areas of the country. The random sampling of soda carriers shown are my designs that were created to fit an existing carrier template. Your supplier or printer of carriers can give you their template to create your design. If you don’t have a supplier, I know of some very dependable 4 or 6 pack carrier brokers and printers. It depends on your particular need as to where I would direct you.


The Queen Bea’z Honey Toasted Nuts 3-Pack Carrier is my art design, and, it is also my own template design. If you are interested in carriers for beer, I have created quite a few 6-pack beer carriers and it is essentially the same process as soda carriers. Carriers can house more than beverage products. We have created carriers for fund raising candy, body lotion sets, flower pot gift sets, and other types of products. Keep an open mind about carriers.